My name is Tessa Echeverria and I’m running for City Council for District 12.

I’m a democratic socialist, and I believe that we need to make big changes at the city level for our lives now and for the sake of future generations. We must develop a sustainable Madison, one that offers living wages, good housing for all, racial justice, and access to healthcare. District 12 is at the front of many of these issues with F-35’s flying over our homes, the loss of hundreds of union jobs at Oscar Meyer, and the raging COVID pandemic.


Sustainable Economic Development

I support economic development that will benefit the public by creating family-supporting jobs, equal opportunity, an equitable  standard of living; and a more equal distribution of wealth while guaranteeing workers’ rights.

The City of Madison should have an Economic Development Plan that guides the City’s policies and practices, including budget and planning decisions, and that focuses on neighborhoods most in need of investment, to be updated annually through a public process. Sustainable economic development means, Economic Justice, Housing Justice, and Climate Change and Environmental Justice all together. READ MORE

Racial Justice

We believe that City policy should support the civil rights of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, citizen status, disability, and all other Madison protected classes. City agencies, including law enforcement, should consistently reflect the goal of protecting and serving the public. We consider the right to housing, access to healthy, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food, education, safe drinking water, and health care to be human rights. READ MORE

Climate Change and Environmental Justice

With less than eleven years to adopt radical solutions to solve our climate change crisis, we call upon Dane County and the City of Madison to declare a climate emergency and begin immediate work to mitigate our climate disaster. We support the 2030 net neutral, 2050 all renewable plan of the City of Madison, but we demand more. We support a radical, worker-first, and union-friendly Green New Deal that concrete actions to improve our ecological footprint and achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions in Dane County by 2030. READ MORE

Healthy Communities

Healthcare in America is a system that can provide incredible, life-saving care and treatment, yet it is accessible for only the wealthiest Americans to use. No one should avoid medical care due to cost or go into debt seeking care. Health care is a human right and rather than piecemeal solutions, we need comprehensive and universal solutions like Medicare For All.

These solutions need to recognize the struggles of workers in the mental health care industry—such as unionized workers at Journey Mental Health Center—and allow for workers to organize within their workplace. While we demand Medicare For All at the national level, our community can take steps forward to make universal mental health care a reality. READ MORE

Electoral Reform

Political freedom is light and air for the working-class movement to grow. Socialists are committed to winning the battle for democracy in order to bring the working class into power.  Our vision for democracy is one in which all people have real power in the process of our collective self-determination.  We draw on a long history of democratic projects beyond majoritarian legislative bodies in a call for building real democracy in Wisconsin. READ MORE






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