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Tessa Echeverria

My partner and I moved to Eken Park in the fall of 2018, when we bought our house on Coolidge St. For the years before I had jumped from rental to rental around the near eastside. Getting to settle into our own home meant so much. I have always been active in community organizing, but I have never before been rooted in a physical space like I am now. Now I want help make this place the best it can be.  

Last year was a big one, I was just finishing up my last year at Madison College getting a technical degree in Electrical Engineering and we got married in our backyard. Now I look and realize that I have the time and energy to give back in a way I haven’t been able to before, working full time while going to night school kept me busy for many years. When I take my evening walk through the neighborhood I think about what makes this place home and how we can make it better. 

When I hear the F16 jets fly over my house I think about the environmental justice we need to see here, I think about the PFAS chemicals that are leaking into our water. I think about next year, five years from now, I think about the next generation that will fill these streets. 

I’m running because I believe we can’t afford to take the small steps anymore. I’m running for public internet, clean energy,  affordable housing for all, racial justice and to stop the spread of PFAS in our water. We need a people’s budget. Making district 12 sustainable, means all of this.

The COVID-19 pandemic bought home the message, an injury is an injury to all. As we saw people being made to work in unsafe continuations, bringing covid back to their homes and loved ones and seeing uncontrolled community spread after.

For these reasons I have decided to run. Please reach out, I would love to connect with all residents of district 12 to talk about what we need to move forward and take care of our community. 

All the best, 

Tessa Echeverria

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