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Organizations, public officials, notable figures

  • Democratic Socialists of America – Madison
  • Progressive Dane
  • Four Lakes Green Party
  • Sunrise Movement – Madison
  • Heidi Wegleitner, Dane County Supervisor
  • Marsha Rummel, former District 6 Alder

People say nice things

Tessa is a principled, experienced and knowledgeable organizer. They are deeply committed to radical change while understanding the practical, on the ground work that it takes to make policy solutions come together. I believe Tessa has incredible ideas and the skills to bring great things to this district and the city!

Annie Kraus

You could not ask for a better candidate than Tessa Echeverria. She has experience building community through her work with the music/art space Communication. She has progressive goals and she knows how to get things done.

Heidi Forney

First, as a delegate of AFL-CIO I was very impressed with Tessa’s interview and alignment with our values. Second, as a long time member of the I.A.T.S.E. local #251 I can personalty attest to Tessa’s hard work and dedication to unionism and stagecraft.

David Gersbach

Tessa is a longtime dedicated activist that has not only talked a good game but has been leading the struggle in the streets to combat systemic racism and injustice. We need people who are connected to the movements on the council to be our voice.

Brian Ward

Tessa is one of the most hard working people I’ve met. And she is a true believer in bettering her community. For these reasons I whole-heartedly endorse Tessa!

Ada Hays

Tessa is a passionate, competent community member and has a well-rounded understanding of the Madison community—especially district 12. Tessa will bring years of working directly with the community and the diverse backgrounds of people within it. I can think of no better individual to be an Alder on the Common Council of Madison.

Alej Perez

Tessa is a smart and tactical organizer, and I’m confident that they will be an advocate for economic, environmental, and social justice and progress in Madison.

Clare Michaud

Individual Endorsements

Rebecca Perez
Brian Ward
Joseph Perez
Maggie Denman
Alexander Mitchard
Tina Echeverria
Joel Ecob
Travis Gosse
Samuel Chance

Clare Michaud
Andy Sernatinger
Stefanie Haima
Alej Perez
Kate Diamond
Etan Heller
Heidi Forney
Mary D. Begley
Adithya Pugazhendhi

Ada Hays
Michelle Fisher
Emily Earhart
Karl Locher
Will Leemkuil
Annie Kraus
Megan Bruun
Michael S. Goodman
David Gersbach

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