Electoral Reform

Political freedom is light and air for the working-class movement to grow. Socialists are committed to winning the battle for democracy in order to bring the working class into power. Our vision for democracy is one in which all people have real power in the process of our collective self-determination. We draw on a long history of democratic projects beyond majoritarian legislative bodies in a call for building real democracy in Wisconsin.

  • Lower the voting age to 16. Young people are informed of and engaged in politics. The decisions in this sphere will affect their whole lives. The franchise should be extended to them throughout the state.
  • Voting rights for every resident. All residents, including felons, undocumented immigrants, and resident aliens, should have the right to vote in state, county, and city elections.
  • Non-partisan districting commission. End the extreme gerrymandering of Wisconsin, which is anti-democratic, by creating district maps that maximize the representativeness of the legislature. This commission should be drawn up through sortition of Wisconsin residents and balanced to provide representation or overrepresentation for oppressed groups.
  • Automatic registration of all eligible voters.
  • Default vote by mail: As the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed, voting by mail at a large scale is feasible. Sending ballots for all elections by default encourages voter participation.
  • Party-list proportional representation for legislative bodies. For the election of single officials and until this is introduced, range voting, preferably in multi-member districts
  • Eliminated the barrier to ballot access for third parties. This barrier makes independent working-class politics more difficult and benefits the bourgeois parties. This demand includes lowering required numbers of signatures and ensuring ballot design is fair to third parties among other measures, 

Legislate a repeal of Citizens United and publicly fund election campaigns. The unlimited fundraising and dark money of those who serve the capitalist class will never be on the side of democracy and social welfare. The legitimacy of candidates shouldn’t be tied to their capacity to fund raise, nor should elections be decided by access to media and staffing gained through fundraising.

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